Urbock Beer

Our Camelthorn Urbock beer has IBU: 20 / ABV: 7% / Original Gravity: 17%.

A traditional bock beer brewed with the finest speciality Munich Malt giving it a distinctive deep red glow and malty flavours. This makes Camelthorn Urbock a perfect match for chilly evenings.

Helles Beer

Camelthorn Helles is a traditional German pale lager. IBU: 19 / ABV: 5% / Original Gravity: 11.9%.

And yes, we could tell you this really Namibian small-batch Helles has been expertly brewed with the finest Saphir Hops, for a smooth, refreshing, easy-drinking taste, but we know the answer to the more important question: Yes. You’ll definitely want another one.

Weiss Beer

Our Camelthorn filtered Weiss has IBU: 8 / ABV: 5% / Original Gravity: 11.9%.

Yes this filtered Weiss tastes great and yes, we’ve used the best Lemondrop Hops, to deliver an easy drinking craft beer, that’s both fruity and spicy. But what’s most important is how you pour this beer. We’re thinking: straight from the bottle.