The brand

Its silhouette, an unmistakable feature on the Namib Desert horizon, reminds us to embrace our everyday challenges as this tree not only survives but thrives in the harshest conditions. The Camelthorn tree withstands the elements and remains rooted deeply in the land it calls home.

The Camelthorn tree is a wonderful mix of tenacity and growth, and it exists in solitude while being a vital member of its community.

As hoped, our young brew grew to embody many of the attributes of its namesake – with a spirit as tough as the Namib terrain and as down to earth as the folk it shares it with. It’s both bold and easy drinking, and it’s a truly unique beer.

Over time and under the guidance of master brewers, the family expanded to include a variety of personalities, while staying true to Namibia Breweries’ pure quality standards.

Today our camp includes a crystal Weiss, a traditional Urbock, an IPA and of course our Helles Lager, the original.

Easy drinking. No bells. No whistles.

Together we are Camelthorn. Namibian crafted, and proud of it.